Da Lucca, Italia

The political view of the US from here mirrors our own. Friends told us independent stories of seeing people on November 8 with tears on their cheeks and just thinking about that image brings them back to my own eyes. 

At the opera La Boheme yesterday both my husband and I were more emotional than usual at Mimi's death even though we've seen and know the ending, after all, all you had to do was watch Cher in Moonstruck!

We went to the Palazzo Ducale to the World Press Photography Exhibit which is shown worldwide in 100 cities and 45 countries and for some crazy reason this includes Lucca. These are award winning photos not by staff photojournalists but by independents who "follow the story" and then pitch them to news outlets. The exhibit includes the first, second and third place photos and then l'ultimo photo of all. These are very powerful images of conflict, hope and daily life.

This year the photos seemed and were exceptionally moving as so many involved the refugees in the harrowing circumstances we have become accustomed to seeing most mornings in the paper or online. I was afraid that we were becoming inured to suffering but this is our world and the photos force us to face much of what we have brought on ourselves.