Presidential Primary Day

Voting is a privilege and voting in a primary can sometimes make a real difference.

If the Independents had a name other than independent, i.e. Nationals, would there be as many people interested in signing on? I think not.

I fear that many Independents don’t fully understand that they, as all of us, are free to vote for whomever we want to vote for. Registered Independents very often lose their vote because they aren’t aware of the rules that prohibit them from voting unless they have registered as a Dem or Republican before the deadline which can vary state by state.

Not that I care, but two of Trump’s kids couldn’t vote in the New York primary because they were unaware of the rules and missed the deadline.

So, just a suggestion, think seriously before registering outside of our two party system
so you won’t miss out on filling in the bubble on the ballot and having your say.

I am always so proud wearing my I VOTED sticker.