Drunken Boat #18

Press Release

Danger lurks in the soft thudding of chipmunk against tire, a chipmunk

I never saw coming but pay for, nonetheless. Floaters slip in the viscous

and there is no swatting them away like the new house, looking

like it was delivered to the wrong address distorts the landscape.

like the intruder that floats in my right eye freely redacts imagery. Looking

for answers on ophthalmology sites, unbidden FAQS

pulse to the side of the screen.                   What is


Justin Bieber’s Cell Number 2011? What is


the Role of Youth in realizing the Dream


of Dr. Kalam? What is WWWSEX? What is




FICA TIER 1? What is Justin


                           Bieber’s cell number, FOR REAL?    


Trending outward, bound for knocking at repairs and service,

and with all of the aboves unknown, I check each exit

for evidence before opening the door.


only the tightening of my jaw in resolve against parts

wearing thin, juxtaposed to the slow exhale of understanding.